9 juil. 2011

Ferruccio Pagani

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Ferruccio Pagani

De la douceur dans le trait, humour et tendresse, des moments de vie à découvrir....

J'espère vous avoir donné l'envie de le découvrir.

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  1. Hey, you have a wonderful art blog. I like a lot. I also put Fasebook friend request. Kaisu Marjatta T. ....... I follow. In particular, I like their color, strength and bravery in art. I can not paint, only parts of watch. I write, my blog is your own text and photos, as well as a lot of famous poets such as Pablo Neruda. Painters are described in more pages, and that the Finnish-known throughout the world. such as Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, and one of Finland was part of the Callen-Kallela, Akseli .... I love pretty much all the arts. Ready for painting or photograph can be my muse. .. a new idea for a poem or a story ..


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