7 mai 2011

Nom Kinnear King

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Nom Kinnear King

Personnages féminins pour modèles, des rêveries fantastiques.... à découvrir absolument

Lone girl band

Tea sweetened with Jam

Molly Marceau


The Night Walker


présentation de l'artiste:

Nom Kinnear King

My paintings in oils and mixed medium drawings are focused on the creation of female characters that live in their day dream. Using a combination of models and myself with my own possessions and things which I’d wish for, I sketch to collage together the character and her story, playing with reality along the way. I see the world around these characters as a colourful mixture of magic and folklore from various cultures. I have for a long time had love of imagery and literature of places foreign to me, such as South America, Russia and closer to home in France where I spent every childhood holiday which defiantly played into the aesthetics of my work. The artist that inspired me from this time Toulouse Lautrec, Marc Chagall and Frieda Kahlo, for example visualized the scent of these places of which I dreamt.

The inspirations for each piece come from all the things that strike a chord with me, I am always reading something I feel this cannot help but play its part in the paralleling piece. Aside from books there’s a whole assortment of players from the films of Jean Pierre Jeunet to Balkan music, the performers on the street in the circus and theatre or just where my mind had wandered before nodding off.

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J'espère vous avoir donné l'envie de la découvrir.

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